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Agrochemicals and Pesticides Products

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Neems Neer :  Neems Neer It is an extract of neem seed which may be use as spray infield . It helps the control of fungus and fungi side effect. It helps to control several diseases of crops.

Tulsi Sudha :  Tulsi Sudha A Herbal Tea made up off Tulsi Stevia , Chandan etc . It doesn'tRequired milk, sugar and Tea leaves. Tea leaves. It is a herbal drink. It helps toReduced cold & cough. It increases the memory and energy. It increase the Immunization power.

Aswagandha Sudha :  Aswagandha Sudha It is the Powder from of Aswagandha root increase the internal & external strength . It is increase the mind power.

Stuger Sudha :  Stuger Sudha It is made up off purified dry leaves of stevia . It is 50 times sweeter than sugar. But Calorie free. It is non-pretentious and stable at 180 c. It can be use as sweeter in Tea. Chocolate, Ice-crème and all milk products.

Sudha Rasa :  Sudha Rasa It is a organic hormone full of nitrogen. It increase the growth of vegetable . Flower, it help the plant to increase yield also increase the duration of flower, fruit andvegetable. It minimizes the deflowering.

Chemical and Allied Products :  Chemical and Allied Products Being one of the major manufacturing, exporting, and supplying units, we offer a wide range of Chemical And Allied Products. The Chemical And Allied Products offered by us are widely used in diverse industrial applications. These Chemical And Allied Products are specially made from the best grade raw materials. Thus, this ensures excellent quality of the Chemical And Allied Products available with us. Further, the clients can obtain these quality-tested Chemical And Allied Products at industry l...more....

Bhusudha :  Bhusudha Bhusudha is an eco-friendly fertilizer and it is completely organic . It is aAdmixture of vermin compost neem leaves, nirguni leaves, kalmegh leaves. As weKnow the leaves are work as preventive drugs for plants. Bhusudha will increase the resistive powder of soil and fertility of soil. It helps the farmer to cultivate the product organically. It is the increase the Ph value of soil and porosity of soil. CN ratio is 15 .5 organic carbon 14% nitrogen 0% phosphorous 0.7% potassium 0.67% Ph v...more....

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