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Lubricants Products

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Turbo Plus :  Turbo Plus Product Description : Yamuna Turbo-Plus CI-4 is a super high performance diesel engine oil for use in all modern low emission, turbocharged and naturally aspirated diesel engines. The product has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of engines confirming to Euro 3 and Euro 2 emission norms and also meets the stringent requirements of Volvo, MAN and Daimler and other major global engine manufacturers.

Grease Guns :  Grease Guns Leveraging on our rich experience, we bring forth in the markets a huge assortment of  Grease Guns . Grease Guns we offer are made available in varied sizes and can be customized as per the specifications of the clients. These Grease Guns are suitable for heavy duty applications. Customers can obtain the same at most discounted rates.    Features: Sleek design,  Perfect finish Durable,  Effective performance Long functional life,  Hi...more....

Gear EP Oil :  Gear EP Oil Product Description: Yamuna Gear EP Oil are extreme pressure gear lubricants suitable for hypoid gear differentials, mechanical transmissions and drive axles operating under severe duty. Available in SAE 90 & SAE 140 visometrics. Recommended For: Manual transmissions and transaxles requiring oils meeting API GL-4. On-road passenger cars, light and heavy duty trucks, buses and vans. Off-highway equipment in construction, m...more....

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