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Transmission Products

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Differential Bevel Gears :  Differential Bevel Gears We manufacture & export high quality differential bevel gears that meet the requirements of major OEM's & automobile manufacturers. For ensuring in them optimum service life standards, these are also checked on inspection fixtures and testing machine for various parameters like: • Tooth size,  PCD run-out • Backlash,  Tooth contact • Smoothness with mating parts

Transmission Gears Fiat Tractor :  Transmission Gears Fiat Tractor Manufacturers & Exporters

Transmission Gears :  Transmission Gears We offer clients a wide range of precision engineered transmission gears to choose from. These transmission gears find extensive usage in varied automobiles. Further our process expertise also enable us to deliver these with customized changes as per the specifications provided by the clients. Range offered: • Spur Gears,  Shaped Gears,  Helical Gears • Small Gears,  Others

Reduction Gears :  Reduction Gears We are manufacturer of reduction gears made from nickel alloy steel, case hardened and precision ground surfaces. Wheel rims are made from aluminium, bronze and phosphorous bronze casted on iron hubs. Hobbed with multi start hobs our gears have high performance load carrying capacity and are suitable for rugged working conditions. Features: • Precision construct ,  Dimensional accuracy,  Reliable • Durable,  Compliance to industry standards

Rear Axle Shafts :  Rear Axle Shafts, Axles The range of rear axle shafts manufactured by us are tested & verified for material durability, dimensional accuracy as well as precision construction standards. Further each of the rear axle shafts offered are stringently checked for dimensional and metallurgical parameters including surface treatment delivered. Some of the tractors where they find application include: • Tractor Zetor ,  Tractor Hindustan,  Tractor Escort • Tractor Mahindra,  Tractor Masse...more....

Flywheel Ring Gears :  Flywheel Ring Gears We offer clients a wide range of precision engineered flywheel ring gears to choose from. These flywheel ring gears are manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies to provide in them exceptional performance standards. Further, these flywheel ring gears can also be customized for a wide range of industrial applications as per changing customer requirements. Range Offered: • TRACTOR MASSEY FERGUSON,  TRACTOR MAHINDRA,  TRACTOR HINDUSTAN - 50 • TRACTOR ESCORT, &nb...more....

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