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Nuts and Bolts Products

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MISC. BOLTS :  Wide range of bolts such as Hex bolts, mounting bolts, axle studs etc. are also manufactured as per customer specifications. High grade raw material is used for the satisfaction of our customers.

Brass Reducing Nuts :  Brass Reducing Nuts We present to the clients, superior quality  Brass Reducing Nuts . Our Brass Reducing Nuts are manufactured in our state-of-the-art units hence, have perfect finish. These Brass Reducing Nuts have accurately formed threads for better grip. Our Brass Reducing Nuts are offered at affordable prices. Product Details : Sizes Available :  3.00 mm to 150.00 mm Raw Material :  IS 319 I / CUZN 39 Pb 2/3 / CUZN 40pb2 / CDA 3600 / Copper / c11000 Price :  As per terms and condi...more....

SHAFT BOLTS :  All kind of Shaft bolts and nuts are manufactured from high quality steel to suit various applications. Good Quality plating is done for the prevention of corrosion.

Nipples :  Nipples First In The Race of Quality

Thread Rolls :  Thread Rolls We, today, are counted among the prominent Taper  Thread Rolls  Manufacturers and Circular Thread Rolls Suppliers based in India. The manufacturing process involves a lot of technological support and an in-depth knowledge of the matter. This has been possible at our end due to the dexterous and experienced team of technocrats who leave no stone upturned in meeting the diversified demands of the clients. Our Thread Rolls are used in a number of fasteners and components. Manufactured wit...more....

T Bolts :  T Bolts First In The Race of Quality

Hex Bolts :  Hex Bolts We are a well-known steel hex bolts manufacturer and supplier, originated in India. All kind of Hex Nuts and Bolts  is easily available with us in distinct shapes. We aim to provide superior quality of our products at the most acceptable price.

EYE BOLTS :  We manufacture good quality Eye Bolts mainly used in suspension of Leyland Vehicles. Eye bolts are made from high tensile steel and best quality nylock nuts are used to withstand the harshest of the conditions. Best quality plating is done to prevent corrosion.

Spindle & Block Nuts :  Spindle & Block Nuts First In The Race of Quality

Hex Nuts :  Hex Nuts Superbly manufactured hex nuts are the example of fine craftsmanship that are continuously gaining lot of popularity in the industry. We commit ourselves to the success of our customers through providing them with quality hex nuts. Hex Nuts:   Specification Confirmation as per :   ·   Indian Standard (IS.) :  1363 . · Material:  Mild Steel (MS.) / Property Class: Grade.4. · Sizes:  From – Dia. M 8 –Up To- M 72 D...more....

CENTRE BOLT :  We manufacture wide range of centre bolts from 8 mm. up to 16 mm. thickness. Raw Material used is M.S, LC, C-20 etc. depending upon the customer requirements. Good quality plating is done to prevent corrosion. Plating may be Auto black or Zinc Plating depending upon customer requirements.

Hub Bolts :  Hub Bolts First In The Race of Quality

WHEEL BOLTS :  We have the facility to manufacture wide range of Wheel bolts with Range starting from 14 mm. to 25 mm. All the parameters are precisely done as per the customer requirements. We are a trusted source of wheel bolts for region’s leading exporters.

AXLE BOLTS :  Front and rear axle bolts of wide range of bikes are manufactured at Gurdarshan Industries. Raw material used is of high quality which enhances the durability of the products.

Brass Screws :  Brass Screws We have come up with a range of superior quality  Brass Screws . These Brass Screws are made of the best quality raw materials and are manufactured with the use of latest technology. Our Brass Screws are available in different sizes as per the clients’ needs. Moreover, we offer our Brass Screws at market leading prices. Product Details : Sizes Available :  3.00 mm to 150.00 mm Raw Material :  IS 319 I / CUZN 39 Pb 2/3 / CUZN 40pb2 / CDA 3600 / Copper / c11000 Price : &nbs...more....

Nuts :  Nuts First In The Race of Quality

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