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Mason Chisel :  Mason Chisel We are one of the chief manufacturers and suppliers in Mason Chisel in the marketplace. Our Mason Chisel offered by us is made of high quality carbon steel making them endurable and long lasting in nature. Raw Material Used : Carbon steel Special Features : Powder coated, fixed with wooden handle, cross slot. Applications : Shearing of metal products. Technical Specification : Wooden handle & cross slot. Brief About Product : ...more....

Condenser Tube Expanders :  Condenser Tube Expanders We manufacture a comprehensive range of  Condenser Tube Expanders which are used in Heat Exchanger and Condenser manufacturing & repairing. We are one of the globally acclaimed Heat Exchanger Tube Expanders Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters. Available in three or Five rollers with Adjustable thrust bearing collar, Our SAPSONS Condenser tube Expanders withstand the toughest challange in expanding heavy gauge tubes. Our Standard expanders are available for tube OD 1/4" (6.35 ...more....

Jack Planes :    Jack Planes Our Jack Planes are manufactured using the best iron castings under the strict quality control norms. Our Steel Jack Planes are fully hardened that assures their long lasting excellent performance. We are well reckoned as one of the overruling Wooden Jack Planes manufacturers and suppliers based in India.

Hand Tool Kit :  Hand Tool Kit We provide high efficacy Hand Tool Kit that is comprised of Spanners, Screw Driver Adjustable, Wrenches, Plier and various other handy tools. These tools are made from the best quality raw materials making them endurable and long lasting in nature. Our Industrial Hand Tool Kit is widely used in various industries for several applications. Industrial Hand Tool Kit provided by us is known for high performance and low maintenance. We have carved a niche as one of the prime Hand Tools Kit Sup...more....

Automatic Weather Station :  Automatic Weather Station We are one of the trusted  Automatic Weather Station  Importers and Suppliers in India. The Automatic Weather Station is a weather-proof casing comprising of components such as data logger, rechargeable battery, telemetry, meteorological sensors, etc. We source Automatic Weather Station from reliable manufacturers. The Automatic Weather Station is provided anywhere in India, within the set time frame, in suitable packaging.  Details An LCD screen displays current and high/ ...more....

Tube End Facing Machines :  Tube End Facing Machines We at Sapson, offers high performance  Tube End Facing Machines  that are used in various industrial applications. Also, known as Tube Chamfering or Bevelling machines, these are highly demanded by the clients. These Tube End Facing Machines are available with both electric and pneumatic drive heads, thereby easing the clients in their applications. We are reckoned to be one of the prominent Tube End Facing Machines Manufacturers and Exporters in India. Salient Features Handy port...more....

Electric Planer :  Electric Planer Robust construction of our Electric Planner ensures long lasting excellent performance. Our Electric Power Planner is in huge demands in the market for anti abrasive and non corrosive property. Easy to handle and operate, our Electric Power Planner needs low maintenance cost. We have carved a niche as one of the prominent Portable Electric Planner Exporters in India.

Automatic Water Level Recorder :  Automatic Water Level Recorder The  Automatic Water Level Recorder  has a data logger capable to record the variation in water level at user’s selectable time interval with date and time stamp. The imported Solinst Canada make Automatic Water Level Recorder ideal for research grade quality measurement at remote locations. The Automatic Water Level Recorder is effective for recording of long term water level fluctuations. This non-vented pressure transducer based instrument with logger and battery in a sealed small...more....

Hacksaw Frame :  Hacksaw Frame We are specialized in the manufacture and supply of high quality Hacksaw Frame in the international market. These Hacksaw Frames are available in the different ranges and specifications as per the requirement of the clients. Hacksaw Frames are commonly used for the shearing of metal products. Raw Material Used : Carbon steel Special Features : Powder coated, fixed with wooden handle, cross slot. Applications : Shearing of metal products. Tech...more....

Angle Grinder :  Angle Grinder We provide high performance Industrial Angle Grinder that is manufactured using advanced technology machines. Our Powered Angle Grinder is in huge demands in the global markets for high performance and low power consumption. We have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the ace Angle Grinder Manufacturers in India.

Torque Multipliers :  Torque Multipliers The company offers a wide range of  Torque Multipliers  in the international market. Hand Torque Multipliers that we supply in the market are used for the tightening and loosening of the nuts and bolts by providing very high torque. They are available in various ranges, compact designs and perform smooth operation. In addition to this, we are one of the reputed Torque Multiplier Exporters and Suppliers in India. Features Various Models available ranging from 170 to 4845 Kgm. ...more....

Jig Saw :  Jig Saw Owing to vast experience, we provide high performance Metal Jig Saw. Our Power Jig Saw is manufactured from the optimum quality raw materials to assure high durability. Low power consumption of our Portable Jig Saw makes it perfect for small as well as big scale industries. We stand in the midst of ecstatic Hand Jig Saw Suppliers and exporters based in India.

Impact Sockets :  Impact Sockets Manufactured from the high strength SPECIAL alloy steel, our Impact Sockets  are highly durable and stringent. The compact design of these Impact Sockets makes them ideal for use in confined areas and critical applications. Clearance at the corner of both drive ends ensures the load on the nut or bolt is eliminated thus increasing the impact resistance and the torque transmitting capability. Moreover, we are reckoned as one of the principal Impact Sockets Manufacturers and Suppliers based...more....

Digital Soil Moisture Meter :  Digital Soil Moisture Meter We offer imported Irrometer USA make  Digital Soil Moisture Meter . The Digital Soil Moisture Meter has a data logger to record the variation in soil moisture at user’s selectable time interval with date and time stamp. The Digital Soil Moisture Meter is used for soil moisture measurement for irrigation scheduling. The Digital Soil Moisture Meter is inexpensive, easy to use, and maintenance free. Details Range :  0-200 Centibars Sizes Available :  1.5 meter, 3 meter, etc...more....

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