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Spanners Products

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HAND TOOLS :  We believe in continuously upgrading our manufacturing techniques and embracing the latest technology to enhance product quality and act as a trendsetter in the Forging industry. We have manufactured Drop Forged Ornamental Spears & Heads For Gates, Grills and Fences for many well-known customers countrywide to great acclaim. We guarantee both savings on price and outstanding quality. We welcome inquiries for further information. The quality and reliability of our products soon fetched us the ...more....

WHEEL SPANNERS :   WHEEL SPANNERS Established in 1987, under the dynamic leadership of S. Davinder Singh, RDH Auto is Situated just 5 km away from dry port and 125 km away from international Airport - Amritsar. RDH AUTO has already carved for itself a niche in the export market. it is the third generation company now. RDH AUTO manufactures superior Manufacturing Universal joint cross and Wheel Spanners, the company has now emerged as a specialist in propeller Shaft Components & become a world class player in the field of automot...more....

Ratchet Spanners :  Ratchet Spanners SAPSONS is one of the globally acknowledged Double Ended  Ratchet Spanners Exporters from India. SAPSONS Ratchet Spanners with Hex / Bi-Hex drive at both ends are very useful tool for Mass productivity. Our Ratchet Ring Spanners can be used for loosening & tightening of bolts / nuts without detaching / resetting the tool. SAPSONS Ratcheting spanners are ideal for faster opening and loosening of nuts and bolts and the operation can be carried out continuously. Having in-built Ratche...more....

Hydraulic Nut Splitter :  Hydraulic Nut Splitter The  Hydraulic Nut Splitter  that we supply in the market offer end to end solution of cutting frozen nuts. Our Nut Splitter Tool is effectively used for removing heavily corroded, seized nuts quickly, quietly and safely without damaging the bolt and stud threads. Apart from that, we are acknowledged as one of the leading Heavy Duty Nut Splitter Manufacturers in India. The Clean cut solution to removing frozen nuts. Sapsons Nut Splitter :  Can easily remove heavily corroded,...more....

Wheel Spanners :  Wheel Spanners First In The Race of Quality

Manifold Spanner :  Manifold Spanner We deal in superior quality Manifold Spanner that is highly acclaimed among the clients. We are one of the major manufacturers and exporters of Manifold Spanner in the country. Advantages of Our Manifold Spanner : Special design for operating in conjusted place Fully hardened & nickel chrome plated. Easy to use Specifications of Manifold Spanner : Sizes Available : 11X13, 13X15, 13X17, 14X17 MM. Raw Material Used : CHR...more....

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